Top 10 best handheld bidet sprayer for toilet in 2021

Bidetguru combines the 10 best handheld bidet sprayer for toilet after reviewing, researching and managing various models. The best Bidet Sprayer out of ten is the SmarterFresh Lifetime Hand Held Bidet Sprayer.  

The quality that a standard bidet sprayer has is all about the virtues. So there is no way to be hesitant about it. Health is the key to all happiness. There is nothing to hide us. A toilet is the most comfortable place in human life. The best bidet must be used to make the toilet healthy. Need a safe handheld bidet sprayer with bidet.  

Since you are searching for the best bidet toilet sprayer, you must have a bidet in your home. If there is no bidet then the 10 bidet toilet seat reviews is for you.  

Top 5 Best Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet Comparison in 2021

There is much reason to use a handheld bidet sprayer for toilet at your home. Such as:  

  • It is the healthy for our body. 
  • This sprayer less pollution and plumbing problems, 
  • Its price is low then other’s 
  • It is perfect for both rear and feminine washes 
  • It is portable so you can any time change. 
  • It is easy to attach without any cost. 
  • You can choose your best bidet sprayer and attached it.  
  • It is Eco-friendly and reduces toilet paper use. 

The 10 Best Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet Reviews

SmarterFresh Lifetime Handheld Bidet Sprayer for toilet review

SmartFresh handheld bidet sprayer is a popular sprayer. There are some reasons to put first of the best handheld sprayers. The most important reason is that it can supply you with warm water. If you are looking for hot water spray, this is one of them.  

SmarterFresh Pros

SmarterFresh Cons

It has two AMAZING looks. One is bros and the other is stainless steel. Its jet spray is neither too harsh nor too soft. Not being harsh doesn’t hurt you in any way. Not too soft, it can be cleaned properly. The strategy is more important than strength for cleaning yourself. So kids can clean themselves very quickly.  

The SmartFresh Bidet Sprayer was not created by shortcut materials. The PX inner tube is used on its hose. The outer cover of the bidet hose is covered with 301 stainless steel brass nuts and anti-twist.

 The sprayer’s head and trigger brush is made by 304 stainless steel. Also made by an element of hook holder and wall mount holder brush. ‍So, We say it is durable, usable and comfortable.  

Easy Giggles Stainless Steel Handheld Bidet Sprayer Review

Easy Giggles Stainless Steel Sprayer is a great bidet sprayer of the present day. Bidet is a great addition to the toilet seat. This is one of the best Bidet handheld sprayer sets that works great, looks great and has great durability.  

Easy Giggles Pros

Easy Giggles Cons

It is made from high grade 304 stainless steel. So This sprayer resistant to oxidation, corrosion and has increased durability. It is proved that able to 250 PSI of water pressure. It’s designed very well and attractive.       

Stainless Steel Cloth Diaper Sprayer hose made in stainless steel with a coil design that makes maximum flexibility. The inner tube of the hose made for high-grade EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) and strong with nylon braiding. 

Washers used on both ends of the hose are made of high-quality rubber. Which makes them more durable and provides a better fit. Its T-valve adapter is made from brass for added durability. Its hanger is made of stainless steel, but not plastic. 

Aquaus 360 Patented Hand Held Bidet Sprayer Review

If you are looking for a quality sprayer in mind, then Aquaus 360 Patented Hand Held Bidet Sprayer (by RinseWorks) is the best. You can install is only 10 minutes. You use Teflon tape. It has no leaks and works great.  

Aquaus 360 Patented Pros

Aquaus 360 Patented Cons

The Aqua 360° has two options – Brass and ABS Spray Wand. Each has a heavy chrome finish and brass valve core with ABS and brass spray wand with ceramic disc seal. Also, there are 3 exchangeable head spreads. Each spray can be used by extending from 3 “to 11”.   

The Aqua 360° Handheld Bidet Sprayer is a great rigid engineered blend that is just as powerful as stainless steel or brass. It is extremely durable. The 8,000-pound truck had no damage even after crossing over it twice.  

Aqua 360° Handheld Bidet Sprayer made in the USA for domestic and global components. It has included many things for the needed sprayer. Such as Brass T-connector, Ball Valve 54″ hose, 2 ABS sprayer heads, Spray plate removal tool, Tank clip, and sprayer holder.  

Achiotely Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer Review

Achiotely Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer is one of the best Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer. It is helpful for children and the elderly. If you pay attention to your bathroom hygiene, this is the right sprayer for you. It not only guarantees healthy living.

Achiotely Pros

Achiotely Cons

It also contributes to environmental protection. Using achiotely Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer will reduce the amount of tissue used in your bidet toilet. As a result, both the environment and money will be saved.

You can easily change the water pressure with its buttons. Buttons help to have more control over the energy output of the water. This is a modern bidet handheld sprayer that is easy to install.  

It is suitable for use in multiple tasks. Such as diaper sprayer, toilet cleaner, self-cleaning, etc. It is very easy to install. There is no plumber but easy DIY. There are two installation methods – wall and toilet mount. You can install it on whatever you feel like.  

Trustmi Handheld Bidet Toilet Sprayer Review

TRUSTMI handheld bidet sprayer is a nice product. Many American people like it. It has included thermostatic. Many people buy it only for thermostatic. Thermostatic is an amazing feature for the Trustmi toilet sprayer.   

Trustmi Pros

Trustmi Cons

It’s very easy to use. A great addition to your toilet routine. Especially if your sink is too far away. You can get both hot and cold water. It will supply hot and cold water to your needs, which is not possible for many handheld bidet sprayers. 

It is made of high grade 304 stainless steel. This sparer head made with the same materials. Trustmi handheld bidet sprayer’s hose made with stainless steel and 47 inches long with EPDM+NYLON inner. It can be bear 170 to 250 psi water pressure. 

So it is the perfect handheld bidet sprayer for your bathroom. It is designed for multipurpose cleaning. You can also use Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Cleaning, Rinsing, and many more in addition to the Bidet Attachment.  

Purrfectzone Handheld Bidet Sprayer For Toilet Review

If you are looking for sprayer leak-proof design then Purrfectzone Bidet Sprayer for Toilet is good for you. Most of the people like it. It comes durable and long-lasting. It is made with Highgrade stainless. It is made with high-grade stainless steel. So there is no reason to add any type of jar or rust to it. Not only that, there is very little chance of any kind of scratch.    

Purrfectzone Pros

Purrfectzone Cons

The Purrfectzone Bidet Toilet Sprayer has been designed so beautifully that it is like a collection of watches. It has been added a button called on-off. Clicking on the on-button will start the flow of water and the rules for shutting down are the same. The flow of water can easily change from minimum to maximum. You can control the water pressure without pressing down. So there is no need to always press for water control.

It is a powerful ABS plastic sprayer. It has sprayer holders, brass T-valves, and beautiful chrome finish with stainless steel hose. Its hose has not only an inner EPMD tube but also NYLON braided. You can use it multipurpose way. Such as cloth diaper washer, potty training, deep cleaning large items, shattaf, bathroom, pet cleaner and many more.  

BIXFE Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet Review

After thoroughly reviewing the BIXFE Handheld Sprayer and few users decide that it is a Premium Quality Bidet Toilet Handheld Sprayer. BIXFE Handheld Sprayer is an extremely good sprayer. There is a huge offer for peace of mind. Each BIXFE Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet comes with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee and Life Time Warranty.  



It is made of quality stainless steel. It is not possible to wear jars or rust of any kind. Being made of stainless steel, it is extremely durable and long-lasting. Its stainless steel hose is 6 inches and the hose is 60 inches in length. The length of the host can easily be used elsewhere.  

This is a toilet sprayer for multipurpose use. The handheld bidet sprayer can be used for any other purpose besides the toilet. Such as Cloth Diaper Sprayer, Hand Held Bidet for Shattaf Shower and many more. It is a complete package for handheld bidet sprayer for toilet. It has a sprayer, T-valve, bidet hose, holder, connection hose, Teflon Tape, Washers, Screws and Wall plugs.  

Bumworks Handheld Bidet Cloth Diaper Sprayer for Toilet Review

Bumworks is a high-end handheld bidet sprayer. It is made from brass and has a chroming finish. You can take satisfaction knowing that you like the best. Its hose is made of stainless steel and the inner tube is embedded in EPDM. Which increases the average life span of the sprayer. T-valves have been used for controlling water pressure which is a very strong brass material.  

Bumworks Pros

Bumworks Cons

This is a great addition to your bathroom. You can be sure that the long-term investment. Its nozzle is superbly designed. Bumworks bidet toilet sprayer can be used multipurpose. You should be use-Diapering, Pet bathing, Gardening and many more. Its T-valve is very easy to use and controlling pressure to assemble.  

Bumworks Diaper Sprayer kit easy install into your existing toilet. It has including all components for quick. You can able to install within 10 minutes.  

Amirl Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet Review

Spray and stainless steel bidet holder, solid stainless steel hose, high-quality chrome plated. Amril Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet made in high-quality stainless steel with polished surface, durable and corrosion-resistant. It is resistant and will last longer, the guarantee of quality and service, simple installation, easy to use. This manual bidet sprayer with the perfect amount of splashing water flow.  

Amril Pros

Amril Cons

Elegant personal spray nozzle is a simple, low-cost addition to your plumbing with world-class elegance. This hand bidet sprayer offers a very clean feeling that traditional methods cannot provide. It can also be used as a toilet seat washer or to spray showers and bathtubs when disinfected. With the perfect amount of water flow without splashes.  

Easy to wash with one hand, save time and problems, more hygienic, no need to turn off the water, self-close, super convenient. 2 spray modes are available. You can activate the strong mode to wash the dirty floor or switch to the weak mode to wash your pets by turning the spray head (360 degrees of free rotation). Water pressure can be controlled with the T-valve adapter.  

What you should have: a large cleaning kit with a cleaning bidet is ideal for the whole family (even for pet washing), especially for anyone with limited mobility due to surgery, arthritis, postpartum or injury. Offer flexible assistance to anyone who feels unsteady on their feet, has difficulty bathing regularly or writhes to clean themselves properly. So Amril Handheld is one of the best handheld bidet sprayer for the toilet.  

Zen Bidet Fuentes 300 Dual Function Bidet Toilet Sprayer Review

Superior quality, this bidet spray head is made of high-quality jet stainless steel, rust-resistant, durable for many years. Resists scratches, corrosion, leaks and ensures prolonged performance. User-friendly operation, it only takes 10 minutes to install it with the entire bidet sprayer kit for elegant wall mounting or mounting of the toilet tank cover. You do not need a professional plumber.    

Zen Pros

Zen Cons

Healthy sanitary protection, this spray bidet leaves you feeling cleaner than conventional paper and wet wipes. Extremely useful for people with hemorrhoids, obesity, hypertension, diseases due to age and children. It can be used for each month of the cycle and is highly recommended by new or potential mothers.  

Perfect design, the high-quality handheld two-way sprayer is lightweight, which could offer a soft and low spray that prevents messy splashes during use and an ergonomic and very comfortable way to hold.  

A good helper in life, this set of amazing bidet sprayers can be mounted anywhere in your home: bathroom, kitchen, garden, garage as a pet shower, Muslim shower, toilet washer, cloth diaper, washing machine washer, kitchen faucet, car shower head, water flower tool, etc. It can even be used for women who use to clean private parts.  

There are many reasons you may have to collect it. But of all the reasons, I have explained some reasons earlier The rest are: –  

  • Ensure good hygiene daily.  
  • It is easier for women to remain clean during menstruation.  
  • Hemorrhoids patients are easy to use and can reduce infections.  
  • Friendly with children and the elderly.  
  • The best way to wash baby diapers.  
  • Ensure good daily hygiene.  

How to choose the best handheld bidet sprayer for toilet?

We know that there are various types of handheld bidet sprayers on the market. Some are top quality and a few are inferiority .. Again some are expensive and some are ideal prices. However, we must choose the appropriate one. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right one. The following are:  


When it comes to buying anything that we need, we must keep in mind the budget. Because Everyone has a specific budget. Handheld Bidet Sprayer should be done according to the budget when selecting. So if the budget is low then high-quality sprayer will not be required. The highest good must be collected within the budget.  

Button Position

Bidet Sprayer Buttons need to be checked. Check that the position of the button is in the correct position. Because if there is no button in the right place, there may be problems while spraying. Buttons of market handheld bidet sprayer may be in different locations-underneath the nozzle or back of one of the nozzles. But select the one that is right for you. Some buttons are made of plastic that is susceptible to breakage.  

Durability And Materials

Usually, handheld bidet sprayers are made of two types of materials. Such as PVC and aluminum or stainless steel. However, each has its characteristics. First, let’s talk about PVC. We know PVC does not hold any corrosion and rust. It is resistant to corrosion and rust. There is no scratch on UPVC. High-quality PVC is not used for bidet sprayer. Due to the constant exposure to water, it quickly deteriorates and the life expectancy is relatively short.  

Then there is aluminum or stainless steel. The good side of it is that it is sturdy and durable. Its lifetime is much longer than PVC. The bad side of it is that it has corrosion and rust around it. Water eats away coating as well. Different types of spots are created. However, a comparable handheld bidet sprayer made of aluminum is a good idea. Because it is durable, solid and convenient.  

Easy Installation

The installation process should be simple. Installing a sprayer does not cost much. So before buying, the installation process should be well understood. If the installation process is easy, I can set up it. The cost will also decrease. If there is any problem I can change it.  


Warranties are a big factor right now. Each product we use a few days to test. If the test is passed then we will make the product permanent. Therefore, when purchasing a handheld bidet sprayer, you must be fully guaranteed about its warranty. There may be some kind of problem after purchasing it. Warranties are needed so that they can be easily changed later. In the case of warranty, one thing to keep in mind – whether it’s a full or partial warranty. Full warranty may be considered.  

Final Verdict

So, we sincerely wanted to help our readers, so our team spent many hours comparing several handheld bidet toilet sprayer from different manufacturers. It was not easy, since we had to find a way to include both cheap and expensive bidet toilet adapters in our ranking list. That is why we decided to form the worth / quality ratio the determining factor. No matter what your budget, you can use our guide to choose the best handheld bidet toilet sprayer in the preferred price category.

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