10 Best Non Electric Bidet Seat Reviews in 2021 with Comparison Chart

Many people prefer to buy electric bidet toilet seats. Because they are easy to use and have warm water and seats. However, there are several reasons to consider best non-electric bidet seat.

However, the main one is the lower cost of the non-electric ones compared to the electric seats. Many people do not like electric connections next to the bidet seats. There are extra costs to install electric seats.

Therefore, you can compare your budget with the required bidet seat. Remember, both electric and non-electric are healthy. But there are also all methods for non-electric bidet seats for you to wash.

If you are going to purchase a non-electric toilet seat online, you must check this information out. This guide will help you purchase the right toilet seat at the right price. You can find the best non electric toilet seat at the lowest price.

5 Best Non Electric Bidet Seat Comparison in 2021

There is nothing better than comparing the top five models to the best non-electric bidet seats on the market at present. So that you can easily get the right idea. 

Good Price

Top Sales



TOTO SS154#01 Traditional SoftClose Elongated...

Homlex Bidet Toilet Seat,ELONGATED V-shape...

Brondell Swash Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat,...

SANIWISE Merlo Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat Slim...

KOHLER K-5724-0 Puretide Bidet Toliet Seat,...

18.8 x 14.6 x 3.3
20 x 15 x 3.4
20 x 14.4 x 2.5
19.6 x 14.5 x 2.4
22.2 x 20 x 6 & 17.1 x 14.3 x 4.3
7.8 & 7.7
White & Biscuit
Elongated & Round
1 year
12 months
1 year
12 months
3 years & 1 yars

Generally, non-electric bidet seats are those which are not used for electricity. These are used for water pressure pipes. Usually, it costs between 40$ and 200$. Most of the time it comes to cold water because no electrical equipment used to heat water.

It is necessary to use water pressure on the tap. Weak hands people do not get proper water pressure. It can be easily installed. They are much more environmentally friendly. This leads to the proper use of water and reduces electricity consumption.

Top 10 Best Non Electric Bidet Seat Reviews

Brondell Swash Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Review

The Brondell Swash EcoSeat 102 is designed for the modern North American Bathroom. It is the best budget-friendly bidet toilet seat. Not only budget-friendly but also it is the best non-electric bidet toilet seat for North American and all over the world.  


The smooth shape of this bidet plays an important role in the decoration of your bathroom. Easily blends in with your bathroom habits. There are two models – elongated and Round. You can easily collect the right one for your toilet bowl. Its seat is ergonomic. The seat can be closed slowly and without sound.  

It is the user-friendly and non-electronic dual temperature bidet toilet seat. It is the first non-electric bidet seat that’s a warm water wash without electricity. You can get premium and luxury help with it. It has no electric cords or batteries. 

The Brondell Swash 102 has dual nozzle system with adjustable water pressure. Rear and Front washes feature included for personal hygiene. If you get your family hygiene, this bidet seat is one of the best no- electrical bidet seat for your family hygiene.  

Brondell Swash Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Overall, Brondell swash 102 is the first warm water wash bidet seat that has no need electronics. It all feature are great for your bathroom. So It is one of the best non-electric bidet seat from my top ten bidet seat.   

Kohler K-5724-0 Manual Bidet Toilet Seat Review

Kohler K-5724-0 Elongated Manual Bidet Toilet Seat’s functions are supper well with one simple control. It looks very cool for a toilet. The Kohler K-5724-0 seat fits almost all toilets. This is the best option to reduce the use of tissue. Bidet helps you feel confident, confident and cleaner than you are clean.  


The Kohler K-5724-0 fittings are well made. Its performance works better than average. It does not leak. The Kohler K-5724-0 is very easy to install. It helps to create proper water pressure. You can set it even if you want more water pressure. It has two models, Elongated and Round. So you can easily find the right model for your toilet.  

Kohler K-5724-0 is totally non-electric bidet toilet seat. So It has no required electricity and saves money every used. It is included quite, soft close lid and seat.   

Kohler K-5724-0 Manual Bidet Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Overall, Kohler K-5724-0 Manual Bidet Toilet Seat is best manual bidet seat. Its price and design are good for every bathroom. It is not premium bidet seat but looks premium. It comes with 2 colors-White and biscuit. Your decision is the right decision. We just highlighted some things.  

Hibbent Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Review

If you are used to a common seat, Hibbent non-electric bidet toilet seat is the choice you can make. Because it will look a bit weird than other ordinary non-electric bidet seats. 

Which will attract you to use it. It has all features to have the best non-electric bidet seat. Hibbent Bidet and Rear Wash features are great. Its seat is round. So easily fit into the service toilet. 


Hibbent non-electric bidet toilet seat is great to look at and easy to clean. Its hose is attached directly to the side of the unit. It’s very easy to install. You can install ‍around 15-25 minutes. It has included instructions that are very clear and easy to follow. 

The seat has a soft close function. You can simply drop the covers. The cover position will be gradually lowered. ‍So it is the best soft close non-electric bidet seat. It has all kinds of sprayer adjustable from strong to soft. All of these fittings are compatible with USA Stander Plumbing Size.  

Hibbent Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Overall, Hibbent non-electric bidet toilet seat is the best non-electric bidet seat at a reasonable price. This is perfect if you have average plastic material and room temperature water. To get the best of bidet toilet seat you must look at the electric bidet seat.  

SANIWISE Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Review

SANIWISE non-electric bidet toilet seat is quite as great as real Japanese bidet toilets. It is one of the best bidet toilet seat under 100$. 

It’s much easier to install. It has very clear instruction manuals. If you are experienced you can install it in only 5 minutes and otherwise will be done in 15 minutes.  


SANIWISE non-electric bidet toilet is the good non-electric bidet seat. It looks tidy and luxurious. Its bidet and washing nozzle functions very well. It also includes adjustable water pressure.  

There are soft to strong sprayers that are controlled by the lever. It has separate nozzles. Which is perfect for feminine and rear cleaning. It provides the right water pressure with a comfortable life.  

SANIWISE Bidet Toilet Seat reduces your toilet paper consumption by 75%. It is user-friendly and eco-friendly. It is made of simple and elegant white color. Which easily fits in with your bathroom style. It never produces cracking, yellow or fades colors. It closes slowly, quietly shutting down.  

SANIWISE Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Overall, If your budget is below 100$ then this may be right for you. But you have to look for the best. We have highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of the top 10 non-electric bidet seats. So that your decision is making easy.  

ALPHA Bidet ONE V2 Non-electric Bidet Seat Review

ALPHA BIDET ONE V2 Non-electric Bidet Seat likes a well-made OEM type product. It is made of plastic and has a very low weight that looks like a normal OEM seat. It soft close seat and lid. It’s brass plumbing that helps you collect it.  


I think most people are comfortable with using the Alpha ONE V2 bidet seat. It is also one of the best non-electric bidet seats in the market. It is possible to finish the entire installation process in just 20 minutes.  

The Alpha ONE V2 bidet seat is soft. It comes in the very low profile design. This is an elegant bidet seat that makes your bathroom look great.  

It is only one non-electric bidet toilet seat that has led nightlight with 2 levels of brightness. Also with today’s white toilet, it is very standard. The Alpha ONE V2 bidet seat fits 2 piece toilets without a stretch and twisting tank and a maximum of 1 piece toilets.  

This is consistent with most bathroom decor. It has a loose close seat and lid. It is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 136 kg.  

ALPHA Bidet ONE V2 Non-electric Bidet Seat Pros and Cons



Everything is well. However, the feature of an LED nightlight is very good. Which brings a lot of luxury bidet seats. This is one of the features of the non-electric bidet seat. I think it is the best non-electric bidet seat under 100$ for an LED nightlight. The decision is yours.  

Homlex Bidet Toilet Seat Review

The Homlex Bidet Toilet Seat is one of the favorite bidet attachments. It has a sleek design and easy to install. But most importantly, it is very easy to clean. This is great to see. This is a great discovery of personal hygiene, especially for girls.  


It is designed specifically for women. It has a front and rear wash. Women can use it properly during pregnancy and menstruation. It is one of the best for general care, hygiene, and personal health and hygiene. This is a larger flow of water and greater range, Omni-directional deep clean-up.  

The cover glass of the Homlex Bidet Toilet Seat is similar to the ceramic glass. It is white and flawless. It is made with light-hiding technology. Which is old, effective enough to prevent fire and erosion.  

It remains non-faded for a long time. One of its features is bacteria resistance. Homlex Bidet Toilet Seat can withstand up to 99% of bacteria.  

Homlex Bidet Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Overall, The features and functionality are very good. One of the new features associated with this is bacterial resistance. It can withstand up to 99% of bacteria. All other features are fine. It is important to remember that each company has its unique features. So all the features will never be available in one.  

Sanilo Elongated slow close Toilet Seat Review

Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat not only looks nice but also it is supposed to close slowly. It is easy to install and work properly. It has no more banging noise and looked beautiful as the picture. It is one of the best bidet non-electric bidet seat under 50$.  


The toilet seat is the heart of the bathroom. There is no substitute for colored toilet seats to enhance the beauty of the bathroom. This Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat by Sanilo Company has more than 80 colorful toilet seats. Not only colorful, but each toilet seat is also colorfully printed. Each design is eye-catching.  

Sanilo Elongated slow close Toilet Seat is a durable surface. Its hinges are fixed. There is a Sanilo spacer that can carry a maximum weight of up to 200 kg. It fits in all kinds of elongated bowls. However, it is adjustable from 16.9 to 18.7 inches. This toilet seat is perfect for long-lasting.  

Sanilo Elongated slow close Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Overall, Sanilo Elongated Toilet Seat is perfect for a printed colorful toilet seat. Perfect for those who want to see their toilet seat printed in a different picture. You get about 40 printed models that you can collect as needed. Other features are not bad.  

TOTO SS154#01 Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat Review

TOTO SS154#01 SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat has well functionality. It is one of the nice packages for a bidet seat. Its seat and lid are pristine. It is pure white. TOTO SS154#01 soft close feature works perfectly. TOTO SS154#01 is the latest bidet seat in fancy SmartSit technology. It is made of hard and high impact plastic.  


The TOTO traditional toilet seat is specifically designed to reduce injury and eliminate the annoying “toilet seat slam”. Its seat and lid have a built-in SoftClose Heinz system. As a result, it gradually closes. The outer part of it is made with polypropylene.  

it makes extra shiny. It also shows good resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents. You just clean it and the toilet will look new for a long time.  

TOTO SS154 # 01 Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat is easy to install. Manufacturers provide mounting and connection hardware with it. So no need to spend any extra money to buy installation products. If you have a kid up and don’t want to worry about an unwanted accident, this bidet seat is right for you.  

TOTO SS154#01 Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Overall, you can use this if you want to reduce your child’s unwanted injury. TOTO is the world’s best bidet brand. This branded bidet product always very good.  

MAYFAIR 1830CHSL 000 Toilet Seat Review

Mayfair is a proud brand in the United States. For more than 60 years, Mayfair has been proudly manufactured toilet seats. It is a durable molded wood toilet seat. It has used whisper close hinge technology. So it can be closed slowly. It also closes very easily without touching the finger.  


It has included the STA-TITE seat fastening system. So the seat is not moved and the seat is firmly attached to the toilet bowl. Its non-tarnished chrome hinges are stylish and long-lasting. MAYFAIR 1830CHSL 000 Toilet Seat Fits extended bowl to all manufacturers in the United States and Canada.  

Mayfair 1830CHSL 000 toilet seat is very easy to clean. Light soap and water are sufficient for cleaning. You can detach the lid from the seat for optimal cleaning. If your bathroom is white, it will blend in very nicely with the bathroom.  

MAYFAIR 1830CHSL 000 Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Overall, it is very good for the bathroom. its price is reasonable. If I search for a good quality Bidet toilet seat under 100$, I will recommend it. Molded Wood Slow Close Toilet Seat is a good option for us. Its processes and materials are environmentally friendly.  

WSSROGY Elongated Toilet Seat Review

WSSROGY Elongated Toilet Seats can control maximum noise. It is capable of slamming and pinching fingers. Comfortable ergonomic design to enhance your toilet experience. It’s very easy to install. This is a great non-electric bidet seat. The toilet seat is very comfortable with moving. The feature of slow closing is a great plus.  


WSSROGY Elongated Toilet Seats is created by PP Quality Materials. Which is non-toxic and tasteless. It is durable and will never turn yellow. Studies have shown that the ingredients used in it are much hygienic.  

It fits most standard elongated toilets in the USA. It is compatible that the front mounting hole in the toilet bowl is 18.5 inches and the mounting hole distance 5.5 inches.  

There is a small gap in the front of the lid that makes it easy to open the lid. It’s very easy to install. The company will supply the toilet seat with the materials needed to install it. So no extra money is required to install. If your bathroom is white, it can be easily matched.  

WSSROGY Elongated Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Overall, It is also one of the best non-electric bidet seats in the 10 best non-electric bidet toilet seats. So it has some special features among others. So It is a usable toilet seat under 50$. But keep in mind that the lower the price, the lower the number of features.  



Final Verdict

So, we gave the top 10 non-electric bidet seat review that will help you make the best choice. Which is less price. But these bidet seats are good at low prices. We hope you find it good enough.

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