10 Best Slow Close Toilet Seat [Reviews 2020] & Buying Guide

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The 10 Best Slow Close Toilet Seat Reviews

How to choose a best slow close toilet seat from the various models sold online? Being a product that does not present great technological complexities, it can also be purchased simply by comparing the various offers and following the criterion of the lowest price. 

However, if you want something particularly beautiful or tasty, the advice to buy to spend your money well is to look not only at the design, but also at the quality of the plastics and above all of the attachments, the most delicate part and the only one that has some mechanical complexity.

Recommended products:

1.Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat

The LumaWarm heated nightlight toilet seat L60-EW have an illuminating LED nightlight. There are 3 temperature settings including medium, low and significant levels in L60-EW Lumawarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat to give you the most elevated solace. It’s comfortable and gives a gorgeous luxury look. Thanks to the adjustable hinges, it can be installed on any cup and is easy to clean. The instructions are clear and precise, making assembly quite easy. The table is resistant and robust.



Weight: 6 pounds Size: Elongated

Color: White Material: Plastic

Wattage: 55 watts


  1. Elongated Toilet Seats with Slow Close lid

To provide your toilet a royal vibe LMA-1308 Elongated Toilet Seats is a perfect product for your consideration.


It is elongated in shape. so, if your existed toilet seat is elongated in shape you can pick up this product without thinking twice.  But, do not be sad if your existed toilet seat is round in shape because LMA-1308 Elongated Toilet Seats also fits on standard round toilet seats but there may be a slight overhang. It is easy to use and smart cleaning mechanism using retractable, self-cleaning nozzle air dryer. 



Weight: 5.8 pounds             Size: Elongated

Color: White Material: Plastic

Special Features: slow close toilet seat

3.American Standard Champion Slow Toilet Seat

The Champion is deserving its name because it comes with all the features, you’d expect format quality toilet. The unit comes with the bolts and screws needed for installation, so it should take just a moment approximately to place the thing on.

American Standard says the American Standard 5325.010.020 seat is formed from droplets, a singular material so it resembles china. No new seat is without a slow and quiet lid closing, and this is often true for the Champion. The seat closes without making a noise: the sound of a rest room seat slamming down is annoying and may even be dangerous, to not mention it could damage the seat’s finish. With the slow close feature, it does away with the irritating bang and makes the seat safer for teenagers to use. When the time comes you’ve got to wash the rest room, the Champion’s hinges make the work easier. Unlike other toilet seats you don’t need any tools to get rid of or install the Champion.

One of the explanations why grime builds up around toilets is you’ll ‘t easily remove the seat: with the Champion you can take the seat off, making it easy to wash areas that might rather be hard to succeed in. 



Weight: 4.55 pounds             Size: Round

Color: White Material: Plastic

Special Features: Easy to Install


  1. TOTO Traditional Soft Close Elongated Toilet Seat

Toto brings another comfortable and ergonomically designed seat. the normal Soft Close Elongated SS154 seat is formed from high-gloss polypropylene. The unique Soft Close hinge system requires just a faucet to shut the lid without bending down. This feature may be a plus point for people with a back problem. Also, there won’t be any sound while closing the lid.

This ergonomic design comes with an ideal measurement which is compatible with any bowl. The elegant color matches other bathroom equipment. You might know, Polypropylene is that the best material to use in toilet accessories. the rationale is, it’s a resistance to chemicals and other cleaning agents. This material helps the rest room seat to last for long.

It is quite easy to put in the seat into the rest room bowl through tightening mounting bolts. It takes a couple of times and fewer effort for initial installation. Besides, the worth is additionally reasonable so you’ll consider it.


Weight: 0.16 ounces             Size: Elongated

Color: Cotton White Material: Plastic Toilet Seats

Special Features: Easy to Install


  1. Bath Royale BR606-00 Premium Elongated Toilet Seat

Bath Royale’s premium elongated seat may be a top-rated product because it fits all toilet brands including Kohler, American Standard, Toto, Crane, Eljen and Carom among many others. Cracked toilet seats, pinched fingers, and banging noises are results of loo cover slamming. However, with this unit, a forward tap to the duvet closes it slowly and quietly.

This feature makes it efficient for the youngsters and therefore the adults who have back problems because they are doing not need to bend over so on close the duvet. Apart from this, the fast release makes it easy to get rid of the seat and canopy easily to scrub the rest room and therefore the seat itself.

Structurally, the merchandise is formed of 100% pure polypropylene, which may be a non-absorbent, chemical resistant and stain-resistant plastic. The non-absorbent and stain resistant characteristic ensures that it remains hygienic for extended periods. Additionally, polypropylene may be a thermal insulator and thus, the seat doesn’t conduct heat from the body, which suggests it’s softer, warmer and usually easier to use as compared to acrylic or painted wood.



Weight: 3.6 pounds                           Size: Elongated

Color: White Material: Polypropylene

Special Features: 100% pure polypropylene


  1. Bemis 19170CHSL 000 Toilet Seat

The Bemis 1500EC000 may be a sturdy seat, and as many purchasers have noted it’s very durable. Manufactured within the US, the seat is meant for heavy duty use and really easy to put in. A common problem with most toilet seats is that the difficulty in installing them, but the Bemis 1500EC000 is an exception to the rule.

If you would like to get rid of the seat for cleaning or replacement, just twist the hinges and it’s off. Because the seat is quick to get rid of, you’ll clean what would normally be hard to succeed in areas. I also want to mention the fabric used for the seat is top-notch: the molded wood is durable, and therefore the glossy finish makes it immune to chipping.

The Bemis 1500EC000 seat features a slight inward slope, but it doesn’t do anything to affect the comfort level. The seat is extremely comfortable and it’s secure. It doesn’t slide around and installation is simple. the fabric is solid and once in situ you’ll be assured it won’t come off. Speaking of the installation, it should be acknowledged that you simply can take the seat off without removing the screws, which is more convenient compared to other toilet seats.



Weight: 5 pounds                                         Size: Elongated

Color: White Material: Wood Toilet Seats

Special Features: Eco Friendly Slow Close


  1. BATH ROYALE BR237-00 MasterSuite Elongated Toilet Seat

Bath Royale always trying for creating high-quality toilet seats and this particular one is fully featured with a toddler seat to be used by kids and therefore the main seat to be used by adults. The whole item is formed using high-quality polypropylene plastic, which is more sanitary as compared to wood or acrylic because the fabric is non-absorbent, chemical, and stain resistant. 


Regardless of having this Euro cast construction, this unit is extremely strong and is tested to face up to up to 400 pounds, which suggests that it can handle the load of even the overweight adults with only minor flexes, but won’t crack, break or deform permanently. Four non-slip bumpers contribute to the present strength by helping distribute the load evenly while also preventing shifting, which could cause the seat to interrupt.


For more durability, this piece features a soft close design, which prevents slamming and thus, enables it to stay in one piece for an extended period of your time. In terms of color, the seat is out there in white, biscuit and almond, and comes with a pair of white and polished chrome mounting base covers that enable you to cover the mounting hardware and color match the entire setup to the toilet decor.



Weight: 7.32 pounds                                         Size: Elongated & Round

Color: White Material: Euro cast

Special Features: Soft close design.


  1. Kohler K-4636-96 Cachet Elongated Biscuit Toilet Seat

The main reason why toilet seats get broken is that folks slam them onto the toilet, weakening them and their hinges within the process. Additionally, the unit features grip tight bumpers that make the seat very stable to the purpose that it is often sat on without being attached to the toilet and it won’t fall off.


These rubber bumpers also lengthen the lifespan of the seat because they prevent it from shifting, which may cause breakage, especially at the hinges. On installation, quick attaching hardware is employed to repair the toilets. Hand screws simplify the installation of the supporting hardware to the toilet while quick release hinges make it possible for the seat to be unlatched easily without requiring any tools. This simplifies the cleaning process since the unit are often easily uninstalled, then returned after being washed.


Construction wise, this seat is formed from stain and fade resistant polypropylene plastic and features a total length of 18-5/8 inches, which suggests it can fit on most elongated toilets. it’s also available during a sort of colors, which include almond, biscuit, black, cashmere, dune, ice gray, sandbar, thunder gray and white.



Weight: 3.2 pounds                                         Size: Elongated 

Color: White Material: Plastic

Special Features: Easy to Install


  1. Round Toilet Seats with Lid

Round toilet seats tend to be extremely common in older design styles also as smaller spaces. Since a round profile doesn’t take up the maximum amount area during a bathroom, these are often the rest room bowl of choice for people living in apartments, condos or tiny homes where space is at a premium. The round profile is so common that the majority seat manufacturers guarantee the right fit with the rest room regardless of the brand or model.


The LMA-1509/LMA-1704 takes the highest spot for round toilet seats primarily thanks to the STA-TITE fastening system. The heavy-duty fasteners resist shifting and twisting while in use, keeping the lid firmly on the rest room without damaging the bowl. A quick-detach design also allows you to get rid of the lid quickly while cleaning.


Weight: 4.5 pounds Size: Round

Color: bright white Material: Plastic

Special Features: Plastic toilet seat, slow close

  1. BioBidet Supreme BB-1000 Elongated White Bidet Toilet Seat

The Bio Bidet Supreme BB 1000 is a high end luxury bidet offering great features without the high price tag of the Bliss series.

One of the best things to come to bidets in a long time is Bio Bidet’s patented 3 in 1 nozzle. With the Dual nozzle system, both nozzles are slightly off center to make room for the other nozzle. While this isn’t a huge problem, it doesn’t make for the most efficient wash. If you’re looking to save a few dollars, and you don’t need all the bells and whistles, we highly recommend you take a look at this bidet seat.

This wash sprays the water in a swirling motion, offering an extra thorough clean, as well as a massage function. It has active carbon filter. This filter doesn’t mask the smell like some other bidet deodorizers do, but rather absorbs the cause of the smell itself, completely eliminating the smell all together. Bio Bidet Supreme bb1000 Top One reason many people decide to get a bidet seat is for eco-friendly nature of the product.



Weight: 1 pounds Size: Elongated

Color: White Material: Plastic Bidets

Special Features: Adjustable nozzles


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