bio bidet bb600 electric bidet seat

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat

Today our review is about Bio bidet bb600. If you are looking for electric bidet seat with luxury features and in low-mid price range then you are in a right place. We are going to tell you the features, advantages and Drawbacks / additional features you might you might desiderated in this seat.

Why You Should Buy Bio Bidet BB600?

After reading the Bio bidet  BB600 review, you should have concluded that it is the best toilet for you if you want luxury functions with affordable price. The bidet seats having similar functions are more expensive then this. However BB-600 shares some features of bb-800 and bb-1000, but it has more affordable price then those. So according to its features and price we think this bidet seat is best for you.

Quick Overview

Temperature Control


Remote Control


Drying Power


Easy to Install


Bio bidet BB600 Elongated Bidet Seat Quick View

The BB600 bidet seat features include:

  • Quality approved by UL CE TUV
  • Heated Seat
  • Warm Air Dry
  • Built-in Filter
  • Extra protections on electronic parts
  • Hydraulic Seat and Cover
  • Safety Seat Sensor
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • Dual Action Nozzle
  • Gentle Aerated Water Stream
  • External water filter included
  • Massage Cleaning

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB 600 design Design

First we take a look at appearance, dimensions and built of Bio bidet bb-600. Bio bidet is advanced elongated bidet seat suitable for elongated and round toilets. There is a grey bar at the rear unit which represents the Bio bidet logo.

The Ultimate bb-600 comes in elongated and round designs and ir suitable for both elongated and normal round toilets. The length of the elongated toilet is 20.5 inches and round toilet measures 19.2 inches, however width of the product is around 16 inches and by adding the width of control panel which is fixed to the right side of the seat, the total width is 18.3 inches.

BioBidet Ultimate BB-600 Bidet Toilet Seat,...

The control panel of Bio bidet bb-600 is located at the right side of the bidet seat where you can control and adjust all features and functions. On the right side, water intake hose also connects the seat.

The power code of Bio bidet bb-600 is located at center of rear unit so you can move it to both right and left side conveniently. The tallest point of this bidet is 5.6 inches height, which is in it rear unit.

Bio Bidet BB600 Luxury Bidet toilet Seat Feature

Now we will take a look at the feature of Bio bidet bb-600. The bidet seat is excellent, advance and one of the best seats available in the market. It has more or less same features of Bio bidet bb-800 and Bio bidet bb-100, but with a lower and pocket friendly price. It’s features includes

Dual nozzle

It has two nozzles for front and rear wash. For both wash modes, it has separate nozzle. It is perfect family bidet seat because of this feature. You can adjust the positions of the nozzle during the wash according to your convenience for a better experience of cleansing. These nozzles can be adjusted to many positions during the wash.

Eco friendly

It has smart energy saving mode which saves your electricity bill. This Auto power saving feature can be activated with just a tap of a button, when this feature is turned on, Bio bidet bb-600 tracks the time when your is  high used, time when your toilet is not high and when it is not used.

This information and your daily routine, help the bidet seat in energy management. This auto energy saving mode makes Bio bidet bb-600 one of the high end bidet seats.

Auto mode

This feature makes Ultimate bb-600 more convenient and comfortable to use. It has auto mode for children and persons with disabilities. This mode activates a complete wash cycle of wash, Oscillating and drying. This feature also saves your time.

Oscillating Feature

This feature provides you wider wash for better cleansing. You can activate oscillating feature by pressing oscillating button in control panel during the wash. This feature helps you to get a wider wash and superior experience of cleansing.

Warm water

Bio Bidet bb-600 has adjustable water temperature feature and built in reservoir tank to provide you a supply of warm water. It store the enough amount offer which can complete a wash cycle. 

The advantage of reservoir tank is the consistency in the temperature of water and you will not see the fluctuations in water temperature during the wash. However you can adjust  the temperature of the water.

Self-cleaning nozzles

Bio Bidet ultimate bb-600 offer ensures your toilet clean and fresh. That us why this feature is added in the bidet seat. Both nozzles get automatically cleaned before and after every wash to provide you better cleansing experience. However the nozzles rinse themselves before and after each use but it’s also easy to remove them and clean yourself.

Adjustable air dryer

It has air dryer with adjustable temperature so it reduce the use if tissue papers. You can use the adjustable warm air dryer when you have done washing. This air dryer gives you excess moisture.


Bio Bidet ultimate bb-600 comes with Deodorizer which provides freshness into your toilet and prevents bad smell. This function ensures freshness in your toilet. The Deodorizer absorb the odor and small fan pulls it and odor free air comes out of the other side

Body sensor

Smart body sensor makes the Ultimate bb-600 a luxury toilet bidet. This sensor detect the human body and can detect if someone is sitting or not. This feature is very beneficial if you have guests and they don’t know how to use advance bidet seat. Functions will be automatically turned off if you leave the toilet.

Pulsating feature and slow closing lid and seat

By using this feature you will have massage like feel. This feature is suitable for woman who have newly given birth to a child. Ultimate bb-600 has slow closing lid and seat. So lid is closed without slamming.

Boi Bidet BB600 Electric Seat Pros and Cons



How to Install Bio Bidet BB-600?

You can easily install ultimate bb-600 yourself and you don’t need to hire plumber for the installation of the bidet seat. You can read the manual to read the step by step instructions to install BB-600.

You can also easily remove and drain the bidet seat by just pressing the side buttons below the rare unit and remove the seat from your toilet. you can see the user manual for installing.

Biobidet BB-600 Installation Video


We have briefly explained the features and Drawbacks of Bio bidet bb600. Although it has few Drawbacks but still it has some of excellent features that makes it a good bidet seat with affordable price. You can easily install and remove the seat when you want.

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