Bio Bidet Slim ONE Smart Toilet Seat Review

If you want to upgrade your toilet with cool bidet seat and also maintain your toilet hygiene, you must have to buy luxury bidet seat for this purpose. Luxury toilet bidet seats are pretty expensive. If you are planning to buy a bidet seat with luxury features then this Bio bidet slim one review is for you. In this review we are going discuss all the features of Bio bidet slim one.

We also explained the installation of Bio bidet and how to use this model of bio bidet to add cleansing and comfort into your toilet.

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Why you should buy bio bidet slim one bidet smart toilet seat?

However, slim one misses lacks the features of air dryer and Deodorizer but it is still the smart bidet seat and also pocket friendly bidet seat.

So if you want to buy an entry level bidet seat with good number of features at around $200 then this bidet seat might be best for you. And if you want more luxury features at higher price, then you should search for Bio bidet bb-600.

bio bidet slim one Smart bidet toilet Quick View

Slim One is BioBidet product and it has exceptional range of features:

  • Rear, front and turbo wash modes.
  • Adjustable spray position (up to 5 positions)
  • Oscillating feature covers wider area
  • Self cleaning nozzle to maintain your toilet hygienic
  • LED Night Light for comfortable use in dark
  • Fusion water heating technology gives you longer supply of warm water
  • Easy Installation and Removal
  • Soft closing seat and lid
  • Automatic power saving mode makes it the smart bidet
  • Smart body sensor
  • Pulsating feature offer gentle massage
  • Adjustable water and seat  temperature
  • Nozzles made up of stainless steel
  • 1 year limited warranty

Bio bidet slim one attachable electric bidet seat design

Bio bidet slim one elongated electric bidet seat which is suitable for elongated toilets. If your toilet has circle shape then its a round toilet and if it has oval shape then it is an elongated toilet. So you must check your toilet shape before buying the bidet seat.

Bio Bidet Slim ONE Smart Toilet Seat in Elongated...

The design of bio bidet slim one bidet smart toilet seat is simple and plain, unlike other luxury bidets (TOTO and Brondell) Bio bidet slim one doesn’t has wireless remote control and it has control panel on the right side of the seat to adjust and control the features.

The design of the control panel is simpler and user friendly. The buttons are also good and easy to use. There is a stop button at the top of the panel then three wash functions one by one (rear, feminine and turbo wash), below to the wash buttons there are nozzle position Adjustment, Adjustment water pressure and at the lower part there is child mode. There are also pulsating feature, water temperature, seat temperature, energy saver and nozzle cleansing buttons.

Bio Bidet Slim One review With Features

Bio Bidet slim one as an entry level bidet seat comes with exceptional features that you will love to have you in your toilet. The bio bidet slim one smart electric bidet toilet seat comes with following features.

Rear, front and turbo wash

Bio bidet slim one attachable electric bidet seat has Rear, front and turbo wash features for better cleansing and superior toilet experience. Front wash is suitable for females and rear wash is used by males. So slim one comes with 3 in 1 nozzle which ensures superior cleansing experience in your toilet.

The bidet seat has up to 5 adjustable spray positions which you can adjust during the wash according to your need. By pressing the up button the spray nozzle will move forward and by pressing down arrow button the spray nozzle will move backward.

It also has oscillating feature, by activating the oscillating feature during the wash the nozzle will move back and forth and will cover wider area for better cleansing.

Self-cleaning nozzle

Bio Bidet slim one comes with auto cleaning nozzle which means that the nozzle gets auto washed before and after every wash. This feature maintains the cleansing and hygiene to your toilet. The nozzle of Slim one is made up of stainless steel which has good quality.

Night Light

Turning on the lights of your bathroom completely wakes you up at the mid night and you find it difficult to sleep again. The most coolest feature in Slim one is lightning bowl.

It has night light in the bowl which is quiet pleasant for you and with this soft and energy saving light you can use your bidet toilet in dark quiet comfortably. This feature will surely upgrade your toilet with this technology.

Fusion water heating technology

Fusion water heating technology is also the one of the highlighting features available in the bio bidet slim one smart electric bidet toilet seat. It has electric ceramic coated heating coil, the smart bidet will offer you longer supply of warm water. You will get warm water in winter season and this will make your toilet experience better.

Easy Installation

You must be asking about how to install bio bidet slim one bidet smart toilet seat. It has DIY installation and you can install it by yourself without hiring the plumbers for installation. It’s easy installation makes it one of the best bidet seats available in the market.

Bio Bidet slim one also offers you easy removing and you can easily remove the bidet seat for cleaning purpose and then install it again after completed the cleaning. You can see the bio bidet one installation guide.

Other/Additional features

Bio bidet slim one has other and additional features that include pulsating feature, by activating this feature the bidet offers you massage cleaning, automatic power saving mode helps you to save your electricity bill, slow closing lid and seat without slamming.

Slim one comes with 1 year limited warranty so you don’t need to worry about your money. It also has child mode for wash which auto activates the wash cycle, child mode is very useful for children and also old age people.

bio bidet slim one bidet smart toilet seat Pros and Cons




After discussing all the features and Drawbacks in this bio bidet slim one review, now we can give a conclusion the bio bidet slim one smart electric bidet toilet seat as an entry level and budget friendly bidet seat and in less then $200 it offers you a great number of features so we think this is good and competitive product available in the market.

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