Biobidet Bliss BB2000 Review

BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated Bidet Smart Toilet Seat Review

BioBidet is a world-class bidet company. BioBidet company made a new bidet seat every year. Each bidet seat uses a modern design and digitization method. The Biobidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat is the most preferred bidet seat for everyone, from small to big. This post contains biobidet bliss BB2000 review, why, how, pros and cons.

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Why You Should Choose Biobidet Bliss BB2000?

For personal use, the biobidet bliss bb2000 seat would be a great choice. Because it is a bidet seat with full modern design. The highly anticipated Premier Bidet Class has unveiled a brand new breed of cleansing technology.

The brilliant innovation of hybrid water lifting technology has proven to be one of the most effective and reliable instant water heating methods. So the biobidet bliss bb2000 seat is very useful to use.

Biobidet Bliss BB2000 toilet seat pros and cons



Biobidet Bliss BB2000 Design

Biobidet Bliss BB2000 has an only elongated shape. So if you purchase it then you need to take Biobidet BB2000 elongated model. Its product dimensions are 21*15.6*9 inches. It is only 15.3 pounds. It is the first wifi capable bidet seat. So you can control your bidet seat any time when you side of the toilet with remote control. 

Biobidet Bliss BB2000 ‘s nozzle made in stainless steel. Of course, you can get 3 years warranty after buying. If you looking for the remote control bidet seat, Biobidet Bliss BB2000 is perfect for you. This remote control has 1 LCD that is extremely easy to use. It is an ultra-slim bidet toilet seat.

Biobidet Bliss BB2000 Feature

We know all information from Biobidet Bliss BB2000 review. There are many features in Biobidet Bliss BB 2000 models. Premier Class Technology has been used the Biodata Bliss BB2000 model. In fact, BioBidet uses the Premier Class Technology of its Bliss series bidet seat. This Premier Class Technology includes hydro flash technology, motorized nozzle clean, wide-angled spray, night light, remote control and more. It has been improved in the luxury bidet seat, due to the high technology used in the bidet.


This bliss uses a motor-driven 3 in 1 ultra cleaning stainless steel nozzle. Since it is stainless steel, it is extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear, and effortlessly cleaned. It is completely reliable, super accurate and is adjustable for movement. 

Therefore, all people, including children, the elderly, the disabled, also operates the nozzle’s rapid movement while self-cleaning. So there is no reason to worry about hygiene.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Smart...

Night Light

The cool blue light flashes were used on the Bidet Bliss BB2000. When it is natural to call in the dark at night, you can go to the toilet without any lights in the house. Bidet Bliss BB2000 seat welcomes to use it. It has a touch screen angled side panel that increases more luxury to your bathroom.


Hydroflash is very important for self-cleaning. By cleaning the nozzle with hydroflash, all impurities flush easily and quickly. Water creates a high pressure and flows through the nozzle. At the tip of the nozzle, a specially located drain flows water minerals and debris. So there is no question about cleanliness.

Vortex Wash

It has a 3 in 1 nozzle system. Biobidet Bliss BB 2000 has a signature vortex water stream. It has two types of washing system -excellent posterior wash, and softer feminine wash. Every washing system’s included bubble infusion technology. So you can get more reliability for cleaning.

Wireless Remote

A remote control is for the convenience and hygiene of the user. The biobidet company has been eyeing luxury bidet seats and has added a wireless remote control to the Bliss BB-2000. So no struggling is required to reach the buttons you like. It’s very easy to use and you’ll love it. 


You can easily control the babysitting in the toilet at home. There are two color remote controls with Bidet Bliss BB2000- white and Black. All colors are easily fit in your bathroom to decorate.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Smart...

Hybrid Heating

Hybrid water extraction technology has been used to heat water. It is most effective and reliable for water innovation. This method is proven for instant water heating. So when hot water is needed you will get hot water.

Heated Seat

Biobidet Bliss BB 2000 model comes with a heated seat. You can change the seat temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius. Its heating power is 55w. It has a special safety fuse for controlling temperature. Bliss BB2000 is used high-quality thermal fuse for device safety.


It is eco-friendly. Biobidet Bliss BB2000 reduces electricity and toilet paper. No need for toilet paper after using it. So money and the environment will be saved. It has included energy saving mood. Use it, save money.

How to Install Biobidet Bliss BB2000 ?

You can read the Biobidet Bliss BB2000 installation  only 10 steps. Let’s go


This Biobidet Bliss BB2000 review so far shows that the bidet seat has every quality that is in the best bidet toilet seats in the market. This can be your preferred bidet seat without the issue of the smallest mistake. All the features of advanced technology exist in it. If you can afford it, you can pick it up. If you want to find out more, check out the top 10 best bidet toilet seat reviews.

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