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Clean Sense DIB-1500R Elongated Bidet Seat Review

CleanSense is a bidet manufacturing company in the United States. The company has been manufacturing various bidet toilet seats with a good reputation since 1985. In addition to the United States, they are offering their product service in Europe and Australia. This post contains Clean Sense DIB-1500R review, why, how, pros, cons and many more.  

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Why you should choose Clean Sense DIB-1500R?

A smart bidet seat is required for a beautiful bathroom. Clean Sense DIB-1500R Bidet Seat is a smart bidet seat. It has a hot and cold-water system. There are also arrangements to keep the seat warm. It has all kinds of massage washes. 


Clean Sense DIB-1500R Bidet Seat is completely healthy. So, when thinking about things in health, this is definitely a good fit for your bathroom. Also, do you have a pregnant woman in your home? Have children or older people? Or people with disabilities? If there are such people, then it is mandatory for your home.  

Clean Sense DIB-1500R Toilet Seat Pros and Cons



Clean Sense DIB-1500R Bidet Seat Design

Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat has only one elongated design. If you like elongated, this is yours. (otherwise, this is not yours, so you can search for your top 10 best bidet toilet seats.) Its product dimension is 20.8 x 16 x 5.7 inches and weighs 10.6 pounds. Clean Sense DIB-1500R is made in ABS materials. It is UL certified. It can carry a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds. So It can easily use any person that weighs up to 137kg.  

Clean Sense DIB-1500R come on One-year parts and labor warranty. It is the programmable bidet seat. It has a wireless remote control with an LCD screen. Remote control battery’s average life 25 hours.  

We will look at the most important features in the Clean Sense DIB-1500R review. there are many luxury features in Clean Sense DIB-1500R. This model has been used in premier class technology. 

Clean Sense DIB-1500R includes Adjustable Nozzle Position, Seat Sensor, Soft-Closing Seat, Seat Warmer, User Presets, Self-Diagnosis, Smart Energy Saver, Detachable Main Body for Cleaning, Low Noise Motor Pump, Warm Air Dry, Deodorization, Child Settings, Pulse, and Massage Modes. Due to these high-quality features, it has been the best luxury bidet toilet seat 


This nozzle made with high-quality materials. It has 5 levels of positioning for greater control. Its single nozzle is used front and backside cleaning. Clean Sense dib-1500R massage function is very good for moves. You can properly massage back and forth with movement. Self-cleaning nozzles are better for self but it requires electricity. You can control water pressure and temperature from the nozzle position. 

It has included child options especially. So you can easily use all the people as children, men, women, older, etc. So there is no need to worry about the hygiene of your luxurious toilet. It is totally safe for your family’s hygiene.  

Night Light

The cool blue light flashes were used on the Bidet Bliss BB2000. When it is natural to call in the dark at night, you can go to the toilet without any lights in the house. Bidet Bliss BB2000 seat welcomes to use it. It has a touch screen angled side panel that increases more luxury to your bathroom.

Hydraulic Seat

Clean Sense DIB-1500R comes to a hydraulic seat. If you feel annoyed at the extreme noise, it’s yours. It is a noiseless hydraulic toilet seat. When the lid is closed or opened it will be complete without sound. So Clean Sense DIB-1500R is the best soft close bidet toilet seat 


It has air circulating through a small fan. It improves air quality. However, the carbon filtering method has been used to make it more advanced and healthier.  

Wireless Remote

We know that remote control is very easy to use and suitable for hygiene. Generally, the best smart bidet toilet seats and luxury toilet seats have a remote control. The Clean Sense DIB-1500R Bidet Seat has a wireless remote control. You can easily control from outside by sending your kids to the toilet. It makes the toilet more modern. 

There is the best screen on the remote. You can see the image of the remote on the screen. It has used 2AA batteries. The batteries normally use 6 months.   

Heated Seat

The Clean Sense DIB-1500R model has the opportunity to hit and dry the seat. Users can easily hit the seat by setting the required temperature. As a result, you can easily set the seat to the correct temperature during cold. Toilets will always be very comfortable.  

Seat Sensor

Clean Sense DIB-1500R has been used seat sensor. You completed your toilet. The toilet seat will be closed automatically after the toilet. it will be closed then no sound. No hamper to your sleep or other’s activities. So Clean Sense DIB-1500R toilet bidet seat is the best soft close bidet seat in the present time.  

You can read the Clean Sense DIB-1500R and remote installation only 12 steps. Let’s go…  


This Clean Sense DIB-1500R review so far shows that the bidet seat has every quality that is in the best bidet toilet seats in the market. This can be your preferred bidet seat without the issue of the smallest mistake. All the features of advanced technology exist in it. If you can afford it, you can pick it up. 

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