Kohler K-5724 Manual Bidet Toilet Seat Review

Choosing a good Non-electric and magnetic bidet seat is may get difficult for you as there are various electric and luxury bidet toilet seats  available in the market but if you really want to have a Non-electric bidet seat in toilet to save electricity bill and also maintain cleanness and freshness in your toilet then this Kohler k-5724-0 review is for you.

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Why You Should Buy Kohler Bidet K-5724?

As Kohler k-5724-0 is a puretide manual elongated bidet seat, it has really exceptional features for your comfort and convenience. So if you are looking to buy a budget friendly Non-electric bidet seat to save your electricity bills too, we suggest you to bug Kohler k-5724 because it has numbers of great features and it’s price is not high.

Kohler K-5724 Manual Bidet Toilet Seat Quick View

K-5724-0 is Kohler product and it has exceptional range of features:

  • Adjustment or water position and pressure-Adjustment of water spray wand position and pressure by using convenient side handle.
  • Self cleansing wand: It has self cleansing wand. After every use wand rinses automatically.
  • Non-electric-It has manual operating handle which saves your electricity bill.
  • Integrated handle-Integrated handle helps user in raising and downing the ring easily.
  • Easy Installation-Quick-attach hardware allows fast and easy installation.
  • Comfortable seat-Kohler k-5724-0 is ergonomically designed fir comfortable seating.
  • Easy Removing-Hinges allows easy removal of the bidet seat from toilet. Quick release hardware
  • Slow-close-Like all Kohler bidet seats, this product also has slow-close seat which prevents spamming.
  • Stability-Grip tight bumpers hold the seat firmly

Kohler k-5724 Bidet Toilet Seat Design

It is most suitable for the elongated toilets, with fully adjustable wand spray for position and water pressure it provides superior cleansing experience. It is non-electric and manual low profile bidet seat with a sleek design.

Ergonomically designed bidet seat to offer you more comfort. No batteries and electricity is required because it’s a manual bidet seat and you can use it’s features by using the handle located at the right side of the seat.

The best thing about this product is, it is designed to install easily with in minutes by connecting the toilet water supply line. It is non electric and manual bidet seat so you don’t need electricity or batteries to use Kohler k-5724-0.

KOHLER K-5724-0 Puretide Bidet Toliet Seat,...

K-5724 Elongated Manual Bidet Seat Feature

Kohler bidet k-5724-0 is Pure-tide elongated seat. If you are looking for manual bidet seat and save your electricity bill, you are in a right place in this Kohler k-5724-0 we are going to explain features, advantages and Drawbacks of the bidet seat so you can know whether you should buy this bidet seat or not.

Convenient Adjustment of water position and pressure

Kohler k-5724-0 add the freshness and make assurance of personal cleansing to your toilet. It provides fully adjustable spray, which allows you to adjust the water pressure and position.

It gives you cleaner kind of clean and you can adjust the spray wand by using the manual side handle. So this feature allows you to position the washing wand during the wash to get superior experience of cleansing.

Self cleaning Wand

Your toilet cleansing and freshness is necessary. That’s why It has automatic cleaning wand after every use wand rinses automatically which makes your toilet fresh and clean. All you need to do is connect the water supply with bidet seat and get your toilet clean automatically after every use.

K-5724 is manual bidet seat. It saves your electricity and it also doesn’t require batteries. It has manual side handle which you can use to adjust the position and pressure of water. So it provides you superior cleansing and experience without use electricity and batteries.

Manual Side Handle

While using electric bidet, it might get difficult to adjust, raise and lower the ring. But it’s integrated handle allows you to raise or lower the ring easily and quiet comfortably.

You can easily raise or down the wand while using the toilet. The handle to adjust the wand is fixed at the right side of the seat and offers you a complete comfort during a wash cycle.

Quick and easy installation

You can install it easily due to Quick-attach hardware. Some of bidets take much time and your energy for installation but with Quick-attach hardware, Kohler bidet K-5724-0 allows you quick and easy installation which save your time and effort. You will not need to hire a plumber for the installation of  k-5724-0. 

Easy Removal

You must need to remove the seat bidet for the purpose of cleansing the toilet. But some of bidets don’t remove easily. But no need to worry about it, you can easily remove this bidet seat for cleaning your toilet. And after the cleaning it allows you to easily reinstall it.

Comfortable And Soft Closing Lid and Seat Experience

With its ergonomic design, the bidet seat gives you comfortable seating experience. It is made up of good quality of plastic and ergonomically designed for your comfort. ItK has slow closing lid and the lid closes slowly without slamming.

Kohler k-5724-0 Manual bidet toilet Seat Pros and Cons




So after reading Kohler k-5724 manual bidet toilet seat review you have known the features, their advantages and Drawbacks. Although there is not numbers of disadvantages of this bidet seat and it has a good number of features that provide you a great comfort and offers you superior cleansing experience in your toilet.

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