Saniwise (Elongated F6) Bidet Toilet Seat Review

You must be thinking to upgrade your toilet with luxury bidet features but you may be worried about the price of luxury bidet toilet seats because those are very expensive. So you may be worrying for the high price of those luxury bidet seats. If you are looking to buy an entry level bidet seat with good features then you must read this review. In this Saniwise bidet toilet seat review we are going to explain the features of the product so you will get cleared whether it is best for you or not.

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Why you should buy Saniwise bidet seat?

If you want to upgrade your toilet but don’t wanna spend high amount for luxury bidet seats, then this toilet bidet seat will offer you comfortable experience in low price and Saniwise bidet seat is best for you if you are looking for a non-electric bidet seat at lower price.

Saniwise bidet toilet seat t Quick View

  • Elegant design that will upgrade the look of your toilet.
  • Rear and front wash for better cleaning.
  • Control lever to adjust the functions comfortably.
  • Self-cleaning nozzles for excellent cleansing experience.
  • Pulsating feature offers you gentle massage like feel.
  • Adjustable water pressure so you can adjust it according to your need.
  • One touch use for children and old age persons for their comfortable use.
  • Slow-closing sit and lid without slamming.
  • Easy Installation saves your time to install.  

Saniwise toilet seat design

Saniwise bidet toilet seat has elegant and cool design and it is available in the market in white colour. If we take a look at it’s appearance it has plan and simple design but still looks cool, Saniwise logo is centred at the top of  the seat.

At the right side of the bidet seat there is a control lever, by using that you can adjust the operations when you are sitting. You can move the lever to adjust the features according to your need and it is really user friendly and you will have a great comfort while using it.

Saniwise doesn’t fit for one piece French curve toilets and round toilets, so you must check your toilet design before ordering this user friendly manual bidet seat. This ergonomically designed seat with curves makes your toilet most comfortable one.

Saniwise Toilet Seat, Elongated Advanced Bidet...

Saniwise bidet toilet seat review With Features

Hence, Saniwise is manual bidet seat and and it has good number of features that you will love to have in your toilet. An entry level and manual bidet seat, Saniwise toilet seat covers many features that will make your toilet experience better. The Saniwise offers the features :

Dual nozzle for rear and front wash

Saniwise has dual nozzle and separate nozzles for posterior and front wash. Posterior wash is used for males and front wash is used for females. It has adjustable spray positions so you can adjust the position of spray during the wash according to your need.

Self cleansing nozzle with oscillating and pulsating features

Saniwise toilet seat has self cleansing nozzles that keep your toilet clean and fresh. Nozzles of the bidet seat gets auto washed before and after use so it maintains your toilet hygiene and you will be obviously comfortable using the clean toilet.

Saniwise also comes with oscillating feature and by activating this feature during the wash will make nozzle move back and forth to cover wider area for better cleansing

Pulsating feature activates the gentle massage and by using this feature during the wash you will get the massage like feel. The controls of all these features couldn’t get simpler then this, because you just need to move the level at your right side to adjust and use all these features.

Soft closing lid and seat

It really annoys you when your toilet lid and seat slams while closing and when your child closes it roughly and carelessly, so you don’t like that noise. No need to worry about slamming, because Saniwise bidet seat has soft closing hinges and it comes with slow closing lid and seat without slamming. It reduces the risk of breaking the lid or seat and you will also not hear the noise of it.

Both soft and hard spray

Saniwise bidet seat has both hard and soft sprays. So you can surely adjust the water spray as soft spray, hard spray and anywhere between these. So the spray pressure depends on your need you can comfortably adjust the spray pressure.

One button use

It is one of most coolest features in this Non-electric bidet seat. For children and old age persons who cannot operate the functions comfortably, can use the toilet by just tapping the one button and wash cycle will be started.

Easy to install

Saniwise bidet seat is very easy to install as it is non electric bidet and it does require the electricity connection. It also doesn’t need complicated plumbing and it can be installed by yourself with in 20 minutes.

Saniwise bidet seat has DIY installation and it comes with T shaped connector, water hose and accessory kit.

You can also easily remove the bidet seat if you want to clean your toilet and it will be easily installed again after the cleaning purposes is completed.

Saniwise toilet seat has one year limited warranty and the brand has good and efficient customer support so if you need any query even before or after your purchase they will solve your query efficiently in a short period of time.

Saniwise toilet seat seat Pros and Cons




After reading Saniwise bidet toilet seat review you have known the features and Drawbacks of the product. This is Non-electric bidet seat so it cannot provide you hot water supply and heated seat and if you want these features you should look for luxury products. Although as Non-electric bidet, Saniwise will offer you a great comfort in very low and budget friendly price.

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