SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat Review

The Smartbidet Sb-1000 electric bidet seat is distributed by Hitrons Solutions Inc (SCI) in North America. Sb 1000 is Korea’s one of the most innovative product available in North America.This post contains SmartBidet SB-1000 review, why, how, pros, cons and many more.  

Why You Should Buy SmartBidet SB-1000?

You must be asking why you should buy Sb-1000 before reading this review. But after reading it, You would be clear that Smartbidet Sb-1000 has exceptional set of features and is excellent product in reasonable price.

So if you have limited budget and looking to buy a good quality product with wide range if features, then Sb-1000 is perfect for you, as other products with same quality is much costly then this one.

Quick Overview

Temperature Control


Remote Control


Easy to Install


Drying Power


SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat Quick View

Sb-1000 is Smartbidet product and it has exceptional range of features:

  • Multi wash function. It has 3 washing functions(rear, front and turbo)
  • Warm air dryer. You can save tissue papers because Sb-1000 has warm air dryer which you can use after washing.
  • Self cleansing nozzle. SB-1000 has self cleansing nozzle which get cleans automatically before and after use.
  • Energy saving mode.
  • Adjustable Temperatures, Adjustable Pressure, Adjustable Nozzle
  • Soft Close Lid & Seat
  • Easy DIY Installation, Made in Korea
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  •  And many more….

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat Design

First, we should discuss about the design of Smartbidet Sb 1000 because the appearance, dimension and built of the product is important. Sb-1000 available in market in two designs elongated and round. You have to choose design by seeing if your  is round or elongated and you choose simply according to your toilet design.

Remote control operates Smartbidet Sb-1000, at the top of the remote there are water and seat temperature, pressure and nozzle position buttons. Then there are buttons which are used to turn on wash, those buttons are Stop, posterior, turbo and feminine buttons. Then there are dryer, oscillate and energy saver buttons.

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat for...

SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat Feature

This product is for elongated and normal round toilet seats. However there will be moderate extension, for round toilet seat but overall functionality will not be impacted.

Washing Functions

Sb-1000 comes with three buttons for multi wash function i.e front, turbo and rear wash. It has plenty of other features with suitable price and very competitive then other products available with this features in market. 

However, it has three holes in the nozzle. The hole on the end of the nozzle is for turbo wash, the hole which is closest to the unit is for feminine wash and holes in the middle of the nozzle is for posterior wash.

Wire Free Remote

Sb-1000 has a wire free remote which can be fixed according to your convenience (attached to the wall or to the side of the unit), and this what you will love about Sb-1000. When you touch the remote, its buttons light up which can help you when you are using the bidet in dark or middle light.

Better Cleaning

By pressing the oscillate button you can use spray and opt to move nozzle back and forth for better cleaning. Press the mentioned button again to stop this function. 

This function allows you to clean where you want and how you want. It also has male and female rear cleansing and also front washing for females with a spray which lasts for one minute after pressing the button.

Adjust Water Pressure

There is a function of controlling the water pressure in the bidet so you can sustain the pressure of water. There are 5 gradual settings to adjust water pressure and this is absolutely impressive as in other bidets you might have issues to adjust the pressure of water. In this bidet, every gradual adjustment leads noticeable response in pressure.

Heated Seat

The censor of the bidet seat activates when you sit. So you can it only when you are seated. It allows you to adjust the temperature of the seat. To prevent accidental seat and lid drops, SB-1000 has soft-closing feature. So it might be difficult for you to find hot seated bidet but Sb-1000 comes with the heated seat for cold winter nights.

Cleaning Nozzle Automatically

Cleaning nozzle of bidet may be difficult task for you and you might be avoiding it but Smartbidet Sb-1000 has self cleaning nozzle. Before and after the every use, the nozzle gets clean automatically.

Cleaning the Unit

Sometimes, it is needed to clean the unit. You will have to remove the bidet seat in order to clean the unit.

Hot Water

If you want hot water supply, you have to put the bidet seat into electric socket. This will make the reservoir tank to heat the water, so you will get hot water supply.

Air Dryer

SmartBidet SB 1000 offers air dryer and you can use this function to dry yourself if you don’t want to use tissue paper

Environment Friendly

It comes with energy saving mode, this mode is capable of reducing the temperature of seat and water. It also environment friendly product as it has air dryer, which will the save use of tissue papers.

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Seat Pros and Cons



How to Install SmartBidet SB 1000 ?

You can read the SmartBidet SB-100 installation only 06 steps. Let’s go…  

SmartBidet SB 1000 Installation Video


Smartbidet Sb-1000 comes with the exceptional set of features and is excellent product in reasonable price.After reading all the pros and cons written above, you might come to the conclusion that purchasing the Sb-1000 will be great purchase for you. 

If you were planning to buy bidet seat with a great high end bidet at mid range price you have found it. 

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