Toto Bidet Seat reviews with comparison S550e, S500e, K300, C200, and C100

TOTO is a large entry-level and luxury bidet seat manufactured company. TOTO bidet toilet seat company supplies their toilet seats to numerous countries every year. This is a Japanese company. 

But TOTO toilet seats easily get in the United States and Canada. I will get the top 5 best TOTO bidet seat from all TOTO washlet bidet seats. From which you can gain a holistic knowledge about bidet seats.

There are many luxury and smart toilet seats in TOTO. However,   TOTO washlet bidet seat is suitable for the US or Canada. Here I write the best 5 TOTO bidet seat reviews that are suitable for the United States and Canada. But remember that TOTO is not just a bidet company, it is a brand. So the quality of each product is very high.

5 best TOTO Washlet Bidet Seat Comparison Chart

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Top 5 Best TOTO bidet Seat Review From TOTO Brand

There are many luxury and smart toilet seats in TOTO. However,   TOTO bidet toilet seat is suitable for the US or Canada. Here I write the 5 best TOTO bidet seat reviews that are suitable for the United States and Canada. But remember that TOTO is not just a bidet company, it is a brand. So the quality of each product is very high.

TOTO S550e WASHLET Electronic Bidet Seat Review

The TOTO S550e Washlet is a new generation modern bidet toilet seat. The previous TOTO S350e model has been redesigned with the new name of the TOTO S550e Washlet. 

The new model’s bidet seat is available in two styles – contemporary and classic. The main difference between these two styles is the lid. The two look different, but the same great washlet underneath.

As many features as modern toilet seats need, TOTO S550e Washlet has almost all features available. So, some of the people called luxury bidet seat and some say smart toilet seats. We will call it the best luxury bidet toilet seat.

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One of the outstanding features of the TOTO S550e is the combination of both the feminine and rear wash functions. The washlet contains a water heater. You can use it to wash hot water at a temperature-controlled by your needs. You can easily control the water pressure. It has an automatic nozzle sprayer. The sprayer can be adjusted back and forth for optimal coverage. it has included a hands-free warm air drying method for drying residual moisture.

Another new feature of the TOTO S550e is the remote control. The remote control allows you to easily control the toilet seat. As a result, the sick or children can get the maximum benefit from the seat even if they go to the toilet. There are also automatic opening and closing lid, body sensors, slowly close the seat/lid, e-Water and many more.

So we think the TOTO S550e Washlet is the best bidet toilet seat for the present. Only by using it can you understand the feeling. It is suitable for all people, including children, old, disabled, pregnant women.

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TOTO Bidet Toilet Seat (Model S500e)

There are two designs for TOTO customers – contemporary and classic. You can choose these two designs that you like and match them with the Toilet Bowl. However, both versions are equipped with a great feature.

The TOTO S500e Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat is an extremely popular electric bidet toilet seat for users. This is the previous model of the TOTO S500e Washlet. The TOTO S550e Washlet model does not have all the features of the TOTO S500e Washlet model. There is very little difference between these two models.

The TOTO S500e toilet seat features posterior and feminine wash. A tankless water heating system has been used for heating water. As a result, you can use hot water at the required temperature which is tolerable. It has an adjustable nozzle position and water pressure as you are satisfied. Oscillating feature for front and rear wash that helps move the nozzle. 


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Its pulsating massage is a wash that changes the spray pressure from strong to soft for a soothing effect. The S500e has a warm air dryer. Heated seats with adjustable temperatures provide added comfort and function for users.

The S500e has a unique feature. It’s called the e-water. This e-water function will cover the toilet by spraying the bowl automatically after each use and after every eight hours of non-use. Plus the wash nozzle is self-cleaning. So in addition to cleaning you, the washlet does a great job of cleaning itself and the toilet.

There are many more features including air deodorizer. Such as slow-closing seat and lid, power saving mode, remote control ‍and many more. The remote control is a unique feature. 

The toilet can be controlled easily with remote control. Toilet seats bring maximum benefits for any woman, healthy or sick at any age. Toilet seats are one of the best ways of keeping yourself clean and healthy.

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TOTO K300 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

The TOTO k300 washlet is a mid-level bidet seat. This TOTO k300 washlet is a great step up to as many bulkier entry-level washlet as others. The K-300 has a water heating system. Its tankless water heating system allows you to use on-demand water for washing.

 It has been separated from all other bulkier entry-level toilet seats using a tank heating system. The K-300 has no multiple designs. But you can use it as an alternative to the S500e and S550E.

TOTO is a brand where you can expect a lot. In addition to the high-end look, the K-300 has many more super features. TOTO is constantly updating such features to provide maximum usage of the customer. It has included water temperature and water pressure controlling system. Users can also adjust the position of the wash nozzle. 

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The single nozzle system has separate bidet spray ports for feminine and posterior wash. Oscillating cleansing systems are also included. That allows the nozzle to slip back and forth, allowing more cleansing for posterior or feminine cleaning.

TOTO k-300 comes to a slim wireless remote control. The remote control has a double-side with the most usable feature on the front side. It has two users presets so two people can save their favorite wash settings.

In addition to the air deodorizer, there are many other features of the TOTO K300 bidet toilet seat. Notable of these are: adjustable temperature heated seat, warm air dryer with adjustable air temperature, slow-closing seat and lid, slow-closing seat and lid, energy saver settings and many more. 

The price is very low as per the TOTO K-300 feature. If the budget is low then it is very good for all its features.

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TOTO WASHLET C200 Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

If you want to choose a bidet at an affordable price, you can choose the TOTO C200 Washlet. The C200 Washlet provides the basic features of a bidet seat. But keep in mind it does not offer the luxury bidet seat feature. However, there are more reasons to like for a similar budget. I will discuss it steps by steps.

The TOTO C200 Washlet has a dual function spray nozzle. The nozzle provides both the posterior and the feminine wash function. It can easily move forward and backward. 

So it’s very easy to gently wash the front and back. You can also determine the location of the sprite. You can also change the water temperature and water pressure for optimal washing.

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The C200 model has a wireless remote control. We already know the benefits. So I’m not saying anything new. Dual users will be able to save their preferred preset to the remote control. The remote has a connected control panel which is a very convenient upgrade. It is very easy to use which makes life easier.

The TOTO C200 is a heated toilet seat. It is equipped with a warm dryer. It has setting options for adjustable temperature settings of the seat. It can boil water internally easily. It has a water heating system for warm water.

Another important feature is the air deodorizer. I hope we have learned about air deodorizer functionality right now. Many other important features are included in the TOTO toilet seat. They are self-cleaning wash nozzle, pre-misting feature, slow-closing seat and lid, auto smart power saving, seat sensor and many more.

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TOTO C100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

If you want to bring smart technology to your bathroom, you can set up TOTO Washlet C100 electronic toilet seat. Its price is very tolerable. The C100 is an elongated bidet seat. It has the perfect balance of quality and style. The C100’s design gives the user a healthy and refreshing experience.

The TOTO C100 is specially designed for users. The seat is heated for maximum user comfort. The heating temperature can be adjusted as needed. So, TOTO C100 is the best-heated toilet seat

There are three temperature settings for controlling the temperature of the seat. So TOTO C100 lets you play the desired settings. On a night or early in the morning when you go to the toilet, the seat will keep you warm and relaxed.

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TOTO C100 is an elongated toilet seat that is long 18.5 inches from back mounting bolts to seat front.  It is fitting one or two price toilet seat. It has two colors- cotton white and Sedona beige.

TOTO  C100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat has many great features. Such as Customizable Cleansing, Pre-Mist Function, Passive Functions, Energy Saver, Air Deodorizer, Air Dryer and many more.

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Why Buy the TOTO toilet seat?

A bidet seat is one of the best items to use every day. So buying a bidet toilet seat is a big investment. The items we use frequently are very important for uses long-term sustainability. And the bidet seats are suitable for many years of use.

Here are a few reasons for buying a TOTO bidet toilet seat:

Hygienic Expert: The healthiest way to clean is to use water. The premist function is attached to the bidet seats of the TOTO brand. Which prevents the waste from being sprayed into the bowl.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the healthiest way of cleaning is to use water.

Helps to reduce waste:  At the end of the toilet, we use a lot of toilet paper. This toilet paper never mixes with water. So they are a waste of our home. Uses TOTO washlet, toilet paper does not require after toilet. So waste is not created.

Eco Friendly: A large number of trees are harvested every year in the USA only for toilet tissue manufacturing. Not only that, but a variety of chemicals are also used as well. Therefore, toilet tissue is not needed when using a bidet seat. So both the environment and the earth will be protected.

Great for kids clean: Young children also use the bathroom. Then they can not clean them properly. It is very hard to teach them proper cleaning techniques. Therefore, the use of a washlet bidet seat allows it to be easily cleaned. Also, the bidet seat is good for pregnant women and other’s disable people.

Comfort: It is scary to go to the toilet during the winter. Because the toilet seat or bowl is too cold. Not only that, as well as ice-cold water. This is a very bad situation. At this point, you can use the best toilet seats in TOTO. Because almost the toilet seats on the top have a heating system. There is also a sufficient system for heating water according to the required temperature. Therefore, toilet seats should be used by the TOTO brand.

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