TOTO Washlet c200 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat

Toto is one of the largest entry level and luxury bidet seat manufacturers and distributor in numerous of countries. It is Japan based company but you can easily get Toto products in America and Canada. There are various products available in the market with latest features but you must search of the features of these seats before buying bidet seat for your toilet. I hope all kinds of features are available in toto washlet c200.

TOTO is the brand you should consider while planning to buy a new bidet seat no matter if you want entry level product or luxury product.  This review is for  TOTO c200 washlet Sw2044#01. TOTO c200 is electronic bidet toilet seat with good number  functions that will surely add freshness and comfort to your toilet.

Why You Should Buy TOTO c200 Washlet?

If you are planning to buy a mid-range bidet seat with latest features, then you must consider to buy TOTO c200. After reading this review, you might have cleared that this electronic bidet has all the features of luxury bidet seat and is also a budget friendly product. Also you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product, because it is TOTO product and TOTO manufactures best quality bidet seats.

Quick Overview

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Toto c200 washlet Elongated Bidet Seat Quick View

The TOTO washlet c200 features include:

  • Warm water cleansing
  • Adjustable water pressure and  water temperature
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature
  • Air dryer and Oscillating and pulsating functions for your comfort
  • Comfortable rear soft spray and Rear and front wash
  • Automatic cleaning wand (Self-cleaning wand) before and after every use
  • Auto Deodorizer to add freshness into your toilet
  • Pre-mist features cleans the bowl before every use
  • Soft-closing seat and lid without slamming
  • Smart energy saver mode save your energy when the the toilet is less frequently used or not used

TOTO Washlet c200 Elongated Bidet Seat Design

Let’s take a look at appearance and built of the TOTO c200 Sw2044#01. It is elongated toilet seat and suitable for elongated toilets. Elongated seat measures 23.5 inches from back to front and 19 inches across. A smooth cover slopes up to the rear of the rear unit and highest point of seat is 9 inches tall sloping downward. Toto c200 is available in two colours, white and sedona beige.

TOTO SW3056#01 S550E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat...

Logo of the TOTO is designed at the top of the seat. Four indictor line of power, seat, energy saver and water functions are designs at the right side of the top of the bidet seat. Black rectangle (remote control receiver) is located to the right side of the indicator lights.

TOTO c200 Washlet Bidet Seat Feature

TOTO c200 washlet has all necessary features that are required in a good bidet seat. It has all the features of its previous model c100 but the functions are more enhanced and more features are added to make it advance bidet seat. All the functions can be controlled by the wireless remote control so it will provide you good comfort.

Two-Sided Wireless remote control

Toto c200  washlet comes with double-sided wireless remote control which you can mount on the wall and place where it is convenient for you. Remote control is two sided and has very clean look. At the front side of the remote, there are buttons which are used commonly and regularly so you can use those functions comfortably.

Least used functions and the functions which are not used regularly are on the back side of the remote control with display screen and menu selection for user settings where you can adjust the less used features. There s remote is very easy to hold and operate.

Pre-mist feature

In order to maintain cleaning and disinfection this feature has been added in the bidet seat. Pre-mist feature automatically cleans the bowl of your toilet before your use. This function prevents infection and germs and maintain your toilet clean and give you a superior experience.

Rear and front wash with five adjustable settings

The bidet seat has both Posterior and feminine wash so it will bring you good cleansing experience. A single dual action spray nozzle has functions of rear wash spray and front wash spray. While using the posterior and feminine wash you can adjust the nozzle spray up to five Adjustment according to your need.

This feature gives you wide range of wash and good experience of cleansing. Rear wash is gentler with a soft spray function. By using oscillating function, the washing nozzle will move back and forth to cover wider area.

Adjustable water pressure and temperature

TOTO c200 has adjustable water pressure and temperature so you can adjust it when you need to low or increase the temperature and pressure. Temperature of water ranges from 94° Fahrenheit to 104° Fahrenheit.

The bidet seat requires tank to store and heat water. You can adjust the temperature of water. This feature is very useful for winter. The pressure of water can also be adjusted. If you want to conserve the hot water you can simply press the stop button.

Self-cleaning wand

This is exceptional features and it makes the TOTO c200 one of the best toilet seats. Wand is cleaned before and after every use to maintain cleanness in your toilet.

Additional and other's luxury features

Above are the features which makes the TOTO c200 Sw2044#01 superior in comparison of other entry level bidet seats.

It also includes warm air dryer with five adjustable temperature settings which provides you a better experience after wash. By using personal setting option two users can set can set your prefer wand position, water temperature and water pressure.

By using pulsating feature, the bidet seat alternate the pressure between soft and strong, which will give you massage like feel. The bidet seat also has Energy saver function which helps you to conserve electricity when the toilet is not being used.

This smart function saves the energy when the toilet is not used regularly or not used for a long time. During this period the warm water and heated seat will be automatically turned off. Deodorizer turns on automatically when you site down on the toilet and remained on till two minutes you leave the toilet. This feature maintains freshness in your toilet.

TOTO Washlet s550e Electric Seat Pros and Cons



How to Install TOTO washlet c200?

You can read the TOTO c200 installation only 06 steps. Let’s go…  

TOTO washlet c200 Installation Video


After disclosing the pros and cons of the TOTO WASHLET c200 Sw2044#01 we are going to give our conclusion on this bidet seat. This is entry level and budget friendly bidet seat and after reading our review, you must have know that it has all the necessary and latest features which the smart bidet seat must contain. I hope you got the best one for you.

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