TOTO S550e WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

If you are planning to buy a luxury bidet toilet seat, Toto is the company which product you should consider. Toto is one of the largest luxury bidet seat manufacturers and distributed in numerous of countries. There are various products available in the market with latest features but you must search of the features of these seats before buying bidet seat for your toilet. The TOTO washlet s550e is one of the best bidet seat in TOTO brands. 

Our this review is for Toto Washlet S550e. It is luxury bidet toilet seat with latest functions that you will love to have in your toilet.

Why You Should Buy TOTO WASHLET s550e?

The automatic open and close lid, Ewater system and instant warm water makes the TOTO S550E top product. If you want luxury bidet toilet seat then TOTO S550e is best for you. 

However the price tag is higher because its a luxury bidet but the functions and exceptional features worth its price and obviously you will get for what you pay the higher price and this bidet seat will add cleansing, freshness and comfort to your toilet.

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Toto s550e washlet Electric Bidet Seat Quick View

Washlet s550e is TOTO product and it has exceptional range of features:

  • Dual side remote control, It has wireless dual remote control with two user settings.
  • EWater technology automatically sprays electrolyzed water before and after every use & Instant (tankless) water heating system
  • Self-cleaning (Automatic) nozzle wash before and after every use.
  • Deodoriser to make your toilet smell fresh
  • Rear and front (Feminine) wash and Self-cleaning function
  • Pre-mist feature cleans the toilet before use
  • Adjustable water temperature and water pressure
  • Automatic open/close lid without slamming
  • Water pulsation function and Warm air dryer
  • Seat sensor with advanced technology
  • Auto power saving mode and Night light mode

TOTO S550e WASHLET Electric Bidet Seat Design

Toto S550e comes with contemporary design suitable for elongated toilets. You must check your toilet before buying the bidet seat for your toilet is elongated then Toto s550e is best for your toilet. 

This lid presents sleek silhouettes and clean lines which are suitable for modern decor. It is available in two colours white and sedona beige.

TOTO SW3056#01 S550E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat...

TOTO WASHLET S550e Electric Bidet Seat Feature

Toto S550e WASHLET  is updated version of TOTO WASHLET S350e,so it has more enhanced and updated features and functions then S350e. The spray feature has been improved for better cleaning. And the main feature which actually differentiate the S550e and S350e is open/close lid and night light. The technologically advanced bidet seat comes with exceptional features that make it one of the best luxury bidet seat available in the market.

Dual side Remote control

The one of the exceptional feature of TOTO S550e is dual side remote control. Two-sided remote is made up of high-quality plastic. On the front side, the remote has all the features that are used mostly and on back side, there are feature that are not much used regularly.

Remote comes with wall mount kit so you can mount it on the wall or place it where you are convenient. Nine primary function buttons aligned vertically on the front side of the remote and rest buttons are on the back side with the display screen and buttons below the screen to navigate through the screen.

E-water system

Toto S550e has E-water system which automatically sprays electrolyzed water to the bowl of the toilet before and after every use. This feature is quiet handy to maintain the cleaning and freshness in your toilet.

This function turn water into electrolyzed water which is sprayed to bowl in order to. Remove marks and bacteria on the bowl of the toilet. If your toilet is not being used for 8 hours, it will automatically spray electrolyzed water to avert stain build up.

Instant water heating system

The most exceptional feature of the TOTO S550e is tankless water heating system, which means that you don’t need a tank for warm water and you will never run out of warm water due to this instant water heating system. You will not have to wait for the water to get warmer like other bidets, all you need is to adjust the temperature and get endless supply of hot water.

Auto open and close seat

This is the feature which ranks TOTO S550e best luxury toilet available in the market. There is a body sensor in the seat and when you are closed to the toilet it, it opens the lid automatically, this feature is very useful for those people who have mobility problem. The seat also gets closed when you walk away from toilet. This auto open and close feature is exceptional in this luxury toilet bidet seat.

LED night light

The led night light feature is also included in this latest luxury toilet. The nightlight turn off and on using the same body sensor. This nightlight feature enables you to use the toilet easily when lights are switched off.

It has very soft lighting, that is not only good for elderly and disabled persons but you also will not need to turn on the bathroom lights at mid night. So this closing light will not wake you up and you will sleep again easily and it will not disturb your partner. This Nightlight function makes the TOTO WASHLET S550E high-end bidet seat.

Multi User Settings

This feature provides personal settings for two user so it enables two users to save setting. The smart bidet will remember your preference and do it automatically for you.


Above are the explained features that you will from the luxury bidet toilet seat, but apart from all those features and advantages, TOTO S550E has all ordinary functions which the bidet seat must have. It has Rear and front wash feature that is available in most of the other toilets also, which offers rear and feminine wash with adjustable water temperature and pressure.

It has hands free air dryer which offer five level of temperatures according to your preference, automatic deodoriser which ensures the freshness of your toilet. It also has oscillating and pulsating functions that provide you a great comfort.

TOTO Washlet s550e Electric Seat Pros and Cons



How to Install TOTO washlet s550e ?

You can read the TOTO s550e installation only 06 steps. Let’s go…  

TOTO washlet s550 Installation Video


After reading the TOTO WASHLET S550E review and advantages it is must clear to you that TOTO is high-end luxury bidet toilet seat and its features are really exceptional to provide you a good comfort and ease.

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