Woodbridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat Review

You may have problem while purchasing a new smart toilet bidet seat is it might not fix perfectly in your toilet. It is the common problem while purchasing the new luxury bidets that some of those don’t perfectly fix for your toilet and you might have difficulty to use them and you can regret to buy such an expensive bidet that doesn’t suitable for your toilet perfectly. This post you can read the Woodbridge t-0008 luxury bidet seat review.

Woodbridge are the manufacturers of kitchen and toilet products and our this review is for Woodbridge  luxury bidet seat. It is one piece toilet with luxury bidet seat that has advanced features that will provide you superior toilet experience.

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Why You Should Buy Woodbridge T-0008 bidet Toilet seat?

After reading Woodbridge T-0008 review you must have cleared that it has all the latest features as a luxury toilet bidet seat and it perfectly fixed in the toilet. So if you are looking for luxury and perfectly fitted bidet seat then Woodbridge toilet and bidet seat is best for you.

You also doesn’t need worry about quality because like other Woodbridge luxury bidets, the quality of Woodbridge  is also good.

Woodbridge t-0008 luxury bidet toilet Quick View

T-0008 is Woodbridge bidet product and it has exceptional range of features:

  • Bidet seat is perfectly designed for toilet and will fix perfectly.
  • Posterior and front wash-Woodbridge bidet seat offers you both rear and front(feminine wash for better cleansing
  • It has heated seat with up to 5 different temperatures.
  • Warm air dryer offers you complete dry so you don’t need to use tissue papers.
  • Warm water heater gives you a good supply of hot water.
  • Oscillating feature provides you better cleansing by covering wider area.
  • Pulsating feature gives you massage like feel during the wash.
  • Pleasant LED night light for comfortable experience in dark.
  • Easy Installation and removal saves your effort and time.
  •  Self cleaning nozzle feature to keep your toilet hygiene and anti-bacterial.
  • On and off sensor for your safety.
  • Energy saving mode to save your electricity bill.

woodbridge T-0008 luxury bidet toilet Design

Woodbridge bidet T-0008 is one piece toilet with luxury bidet seat. The bidet has sleek, low profile design. It is elongated toilet and seat. The design looks very smart and obviously look like a modern luxury toilet which will add comfort and cleanness into your toilet.

So not only the features but also the design of Woodbridge T-0008 luxury toilet is cool. The height of the toilet is also comfortable for both adults and children so both children and adults will be able to have comfortable experience with T-0008.

WoodBridge T-0008 One Piece Toilet, Elongated with...

The bidet seat is perfectly designed for toilet it will be fitted in tour toilet so no need to worry about design of toilet and bidet seat.

Woodbridge has wireless remote control and you can adjust and control the features of it by simply using the remote control, which is easy to use.

woodbridge toilet review (Model T-0008) With Features

Woodbridge is one piece toilet comes with a luxury bidet seat. The bidet has many modern and advance features we are going to discuss in details.

Rear and front wash for better cleansing

T-0008 has both posterior and feminine wash for better cleansing experience. Front wash is used by females and rear wash is mostly used by males. With rear and feminine wash feature, T-0008 by woodbridge also has oscillating feature, by turning-on this feature during the wash cycle, the spray nozzle move back and forth to cover wider area.

Woodbridge  is smart toilet bidet and it has self cleaning  nozzle. The nozzle gets  cleaned before and after every use that ensures the hygiene and cleansing of your toilet. It has good quality and made up of stainless steel material.

Warm water supply

Woodbridge T-0008 has water heater which supplies you unlimited warm water. Having the bidet seat that has reservoir tank for heated water may cause a problem because you can run out of water because there is limited water stored. But T-0008 by woodbridge has instant water heater with adjustable temperature for unlimited warm water supply for winter.

Warm air dryer and heated seat

For your superior experience in winter nights, woodbridge has warm air dryer with 5 adjustable temperatures, that you can use after the wash so you can adjust the temperature of the air dryer according to your that. So you will not have to used tissue papers.

Woodbridge T-0008 bidet seat also has heated seat with adjustable up to 5 levels of seat temperature and offers you great comfort.

Pulsating feature

The smart and luxury toilet bidet seat has pulsating feature, by activating this feature will give you massage like feel. You can activate pulsating feature during the wash. This feature is good for women who have newly given birth to child.

Quick release of seat

Many luxury bidet seats are not easy to remove and you might have difficulty in removing the seat for cleaning purpose. But this luxury seat can be removed quickly and without any effort so you can clean your toilet quiet comfortably and easily. After cleaning the toilet the re-installation of the seat is also very quick and easy.

LED night light

We know you don’t like to turn on the light of bathroom at the mid of the night because it wakes you up completely and it also distributes your partner Woodbridge T-0008 comes with LED night light function and it has cool light which does not wake you up completely and you can use the toilet in the dark quiet comfortably so you don’t need to turn on the light and disturb your partner.

2 years warranty

Luxury bidet toilets and bidet seats are expensive and you might get afraid while thinking about what will you do if the bidet seat stop properly. You don’t need to worry because Woodbridge bidet toilet has 2 years of limited manufacture warranty and Woodbridge also has a good customer support.

Other's/Additional features

Along with the features explained above, Woodbridge toilet also has additional features like safety on/off sensor and Energy saving mode, that saves your electricity expense.

Woodbridge T-0008 bidet toilet Pros and Cons




Although, T-0008 by Woodbridge  is one piece toilet with luxury bidet seat and due this reason the price may be higher then other luxury bidet seatsBrondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat Review, but the benefit of buying Woodbridge toilet  is that the luxury toilet bidet seat perfectly fitted in the toilet and that makes Woodbridge T-0008 perfect luxury toilet as it also has great number of advanced features.

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